About the Studio


Pelican Studio handcrafts a wide variety of functional ceramic art. Using a proprietary technique, the studio carefully creates quality work.

Growing up I was surrounded by my Mother’s and Grandmother’s creative force. They sewed most our clothes, crochet our blankets, and made beautiful quilts. My Mother led the way for the embossing crazes of 1996. My Grandma painted colorful images on wood working projects my Grandfather made. Their love of pattern inspired me to capture the images they made on my work.

About the Artist

Morghan Gray started working with clay early, in her junior year at San Angelo High School, San Angelo, Texas. Since then, her dedication to ceramic art has taken her all around the world.

Morghan received ceramics and sociology degrees from Louisiana State University. After graduation, through a West Virginia University intensive post-baccalaureate program, she studied ceramics at Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute in Jingdezhen, China, a city known as “the Porcelain Capital”.
Morghan currently works at Sunset Canyon Pottery as a studio artist, where her duties extend through all phases of ceramics production, including throwing, handle work, slab work, finishing work, glazing, and firing. She also throw shapes for J. Prichard Designs

Morghan is a member of the Greater Austin Clay Artists and the Texas Clay Artists Association.